Endure and Survive
Basic Training & AIT: 1/28/14 = 7/??/14

kik = callingalltitans
NSFW at night (Usually 10pm-4am).
Blacklist "nsfw" to avoid.

"Kou is a bouncer at a bar called FATE. Easily excited and a bit of a smooth talker, Kou lightens the mood around his friends."

Have another pass tomorrow.
Anyone in Oklahoma want to hang out tomorrow?

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PS you know what sucks?
Not fapping for like 3 months.

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Got a pass for the next 12 hours.
Anyone in Oklahoma want to hang out or something? (Mostly Lawton)

Just bought Dustin Prinz’s new album “Eleven”.
Shit, man. I got a new favorite album.

Have a Graduation Pass for today, and a Weekend Pass for this weekend.
Let’s see what there is to do around Oklahoma.

Pics of my bay, and of the shirts I bought!

More updates for y’all!

Here’s a picture of Nick holding a grenade.
(I’m not sure if it’s a live grenade though.)

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Updates, updates, updates!

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