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Basic Training & AIT: 1/28/14 = 7/??/14

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"Kou is a bouncer at a bar called FATE. Easily excited and a bit of a smooth talker, Kou lightens the mood around his friends."

Passed my Assessment. Fractured my foot. Back to square one.

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5 minutes left.
I guess I’ll talk to you all later.

In case anyone still cares about this fgt.
Balfour & I.

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But, yeah. The medic thought that my ankle was broken after my run (Red & purple, swelling the size of a baseball), but it’s just extremely sprained.
Not sure if I’ll even be able to pass my PT Test. I’ll try and update when I can.

Oh, and Balfour & I are playing DnD in our bay with a few others.
Fuck you, we’re cool.

Passed my assessment.
28 pushups in a minute, 35 situps in a minute, 8:24 1-mile.
Ankle’s swollen as fuck. Hopefully taking my PT Test on the 25th, but not sure.
Sorry (not really) for the NSFW stuff. Just some goodies for Idali~
Anyways, yeah. Hopefully I’ll be out of here soon.


Out of the blue, she recently confessed that she fantasied about me being a teacher; her a student. Since then, I think that both of our minds have wondered about the number of exciting possibilities this could lead to; some of which have been brought up during naughty sex.

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He knew it was wrong.

He was her teacher, dammit. He shouldn’t think about her like that.
But the way she dressed, the way she talked, it just got to him.

She always wore low-cut shirts and short skirts. She liked teasing the boys in class, leaning over their desks while talking to them and always bending over to pick up her bag, instead of bending her knees.

She had even teased him a few times, when she wanted to get better grades or get an extension on an assignment. He was proud of himself for not giving in to her. But it had been hard.

That’s why she was the first thing he thought of as he saw the ad.

Get the girl of your dreams for only 99,95!

He figured it was worth a shot. He ordered straight away.

The weeks until it arrived were torture. And when he finally had the package in hand and he opened it, it was just a damn ribbon.

What the hell was he going to do with a ribbon?

The instructions said to place the ribbon around the girl’s neck and then she would become the girl of your dreams.
Against his better judgement, he decided to give it a shot.

He put the ribbon in his bag and headed off to work.

it was difficult to focus on his classes. She was in his last class and he couldn’t wait, even if he had no idea how he would get her to put the ribbon on.

He kept sneaking glances in her direction during the class. He really hoped that the ribbon would work, even if he didn’t dare allow himself to believe it.

When the bell rung and the students left the classroom, he asked her to stay behind.

Turned out that getting an 18-year-old to put on a pretty ribbon wasn’t that difficult. He just gave it to her and before he could even begin explaining why he had gotten it for her, he had a whole speech prepared by now, she had it on.

Her entire body language changed in an instant.

"I’m, like, really glad you asked me to stay behind, Professor."

He was too flabbergasted to answer.

"You see, I’ve wanted to be alone with you for a long time. I just think you’re, like, totally sexy."

A smile crept across his face.

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah. I’ve thought about you alot, Professor. About what I want you to do to me."

"And what’s that, doll?"

"Anything you want, Professor."

He knew it was wrong. But that only made it better.

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You can squirm all you want, you’re not getting away. Allow my kisses and nibbles on your neck to subdue you. 

There you go…just…feel. Feel your skin being pinched between my teeth, my hands gently but firmly caressing your breasts and feeling your heart race beneath, and, finally, my cock claiming my wet, eager prize. Each thrust getting us closer and closer to the edge, but I slow down, savoring you. I know you like me controlling your body, your every…fucking… thought. 

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